Project 2017-2: slipcover

For 2017 I have bought a bright red Moleskine weekly notebook to jot down the things I do, the things I have to do and the the things I want to do.

For not wearing down the notebook to much I made a red slipcover from some lefover felt. The slipcover has a side pocket for 2 pens. The polka dot strap is from an old bathing suit  🙂

The sewing might not be a straight line. That’s ok, it reminds me of the hard work it is to sew this felt. But well worth it.


Project 2017-1: sweater

After finishing my temperature scarf 2016 my yarn stash had grown with 41 balls of  Scheepjeswol Colour Crafter. When I started in January I knew there would be enough left for other projects. So in the last couple of weeks of knitting my temperature scarf a new project already started to grow in my mind: it had to be with lots of colors (of course), fair isle, needle size 3,5 mm. 2 colors that I had not used in the temperature scarf would be the base color.

So I sat down with the yarn and chose the colors and then I sat down with pen and paper to design the fair isle. Knitted a gauge (always important) … and it did not work. Two colors were to dark. So I sat down again, skipped 2 colors, added 2 new ones. Knitted another gauge.

What I saw made me happy, but not happy enough. So I sat down again with pen and paper, changed the pattern, added another 2 colors (glad to have lots of stash of the same yarn to ‘shop’ from). This is what I came up with:


An now I will knit gauge #3.

Designing is hard work.

Temperature scarf #2

Remember the temperature scarf I have finished on December 31st?

In the group on Facebook called Temperature Blanket Yarn-Along there was a


Everyone please post your finished 2016 projects below in the comments of this post.
Then everyone can place their votes by clicking “like” on your favourites!
I will leave voting open until 10:00AM PST on January 2, 2017.
Good luck everyone! Post those projects!!!

And yes of course I posted my scarf…



And I got 43 likes!

That was not all, because yesterday this was posted:


This is sooo nice. The temperature scarf gave me lots of knitting enjoyment during 2016: seeing it grow day-by-day, week-by-week, month-by-month was so much fun. It inspired me to start this blog for other knitters to find the pattern in 1 place and not scattered in different posts on Facebook. And to top it all I won the END OF 2016 COVER PHOTO CONTEST with 2 other winners.

Who knows where this will take me next …


So totally me

This is so totally me…


Working on my computer and ideas pop into my head:

  • that Big Picture Class Capture 30 by Heidi Swapp I want to do this month: it would be fun to design my own album instead of using the one provided. I must be having an album in my stash that I can use… ✔︎
  • I must print the worksheets of Show Me Your Drill Challenge by The Happy Ever Crafter (and do my homework!)… ✔︎
  • I bought a weekly notebook for 2017. If I want to protect it and keep it as nice as it is now I could make a slipcover … I have some left over felt I can use, some cotton yarn to sew it all together … and where is the polka dotted bathing suite strap I can use for closure? I could do a similar closure as the ‘handy accessories bag’ I made for ‘iPhone filming’ work … ✔︎

To be continued…

Temperature scarf 2016

I did it! My year long project of 2016 is finished. I cannot wait to use my temperature scarf. Love-love-love-it.

Beware … long post …

In December 2015 I found a group on Facebook called Temperature Blanket Yarn-Along. A bunch of enthusiastic crocheters from all over the world who were to crochet a temperature blanket in 2016. Because I had crochet several blankets already I wanted to play along with something else.

I chose to knit a scarf. It would be simple and long. I estimated it would be about 3,5 or 4 meters long. I like long scarfs. I still have one I knitted in 1980/81. Perfect protection against snow while riding my bike!


  • 36 colors from Scheepjeswol Colour Crafter for temperatures -5ºC till +30ºC. (I did not think the temperature would get any higher or lower. Or so I thought.)
    I chose: Almelo, Alphen, Ameland, Amersfoort, Amstelveen, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Assen, Burum, Den Bosch, Den Helder, Deventer, Dokkum, Dordrecht, Eelde, Eindhoven, Heerlen, Hengelo, Hoorn, Leek, Leerdam, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Lelystad, Meppel, Middelburg, Nijmegen, Ommen, Rhenen, Roermond, Sittard, Tiel, Tynaarlo, Urk, Utrecht, Venlo.
  • 2 extra colors as for in between days (grey – Wolvega) and in between months (white – Barneveld).
  • 3 bended double pointed needles size 3,5 mm
  • 1 crochet hook size 3,5 mm

Color palette

I set down with my chosen colors all around me on the floor to decide the color palette.

And so I started knitting.

And it did not work. It did not work 3 times. Because colors did not feel right, pink was the wrong color for 4ºC. So I set to work on my 4th and final color palette. And that is what I sticked with.


Temperature table

I made a temperature table to keep track of the temperatures by day. And to mark them when I had knitted them. Nothing fancy just the back of the color palette. But a perfect way of keeping track of where I am.


Cast on 100 stitches on 2 bended double pointed needles. Knit with needle no 3. This way the scarf will already get into ‘shape’. After a few rows you put up a mark between the first and last stitches with a different color yarn. Put a knot in this yarn.

  • Knit 3 rows Wolvega


  • Knit 1 row Barneveld
  • Knit 5 rows Wolvega

Start with January 1st = 2 rows of the chosen color + 1 row Wolvega. Knit all the days of the month. Knit 5 rows Wolvega. Repeat from (*).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After December 31st end with knitting 5 rows Wolvega, 1 row Barneveld, 5 rows Wolvega.

Take a deep breath … you did it. Well done!


(**) For closing your scarf you take the 3,5 mm crochet hook (make sure you hold your yarn under the hook). Take up 1 stitch of the back needle, 1 stitch of the front needle and crochet them together. Work towards the end of the stitches. Weave in the end.

You’re not done yet. Sorry. Remember the other end, the beginning of your scarf? It still has to be closed. So go back there and pick up 100 stitches. Divide the stitches over 2 needles. Knit 1 row. Close this end the same as the other side. See (**)

And now you ARE done.


Looking back

  • I started knitting every day. Then I took screenshots with my mobile phone and wrote them in the table. So I could knit when I felt like it.
  • Weave in the ends every 2 weeks or at least every month. That way you do not have to weave in over 750 ends in December.
  • I had to buy 3 additional colors because temperature went to +31, +32 and +33. I went with Kampen, Haarlem and Veendam.
  • I did not use any temperatures below 0.
  • My scarf is 4 meters long. I can put it 3 times around my neck in single scarf or 1 time in double scarf.
  • I love my scarf.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask.