2017-3: Blanket

After a year long knit on my temperature scarf 2016 I was telling myself I was not doing such a long project again in 2017. But I wrote down the temperature anyway … just in case… and yesterday I gave in: this is the start of my 2017 temperature blanket.


January 1-15, 2017


January 1-26, 2016

Do you see the difference in temperatures?

Color swatch

I use the same color swatch as 2016. It is torn from intensive use last year. That’s ok, I can still use it because I am still happy with the color sequence from last year. There was a lot of hard work before I was happy so will not change one bit. I have so much Scheepjeswol Color Crafter left. It will be enough yarn for this blanket.

– needle size 3,5 mm
– pattern: mine, design as I go
– square blanket

Did my idea work the first time? No. The start/end of each row was between 2 stitches which where between 2 yarn round needle. That made it sloppy and I was not able to weave in the ends properly.

With this second try I am happy. And that is was counts.

Don’t you think?


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