Project 2017-1: sweater

After finishing my temperature scarf 2016 my yarn stash had grown with 41 balls of  Scheepjeswol Colour Crafter. When I started in January I knew there would be enough left for other projects. So in the last couple of weeks of knitting my temperature scarf a new project already started to grow in my mind: it had to be with lots of colors (of course), fair isle, needle size 3,5 mm. 2 colors that I had not used in the temperature scarf would be the base color.

So I sat down with the yarn and chose the colors and then I sat down with pen and paper to design the fair isle. Knitted a gauge (always important) … and it did not work. Two colors were to dark. So I sat down again, skipped 2 colors, added 2 new ones. Knitted another gauge.

What I saw made me happy, but not happy enough. So I sat down again with pen and paper, changed the pattern, added another 2 colors (glad to have lots of stash of the same yarn to ‘shop’ from). This is what I came up with:


An now I will knit gauge #3.

Designing is hard work.


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